Why Python?

You may think an additional programming language would take your time. In case of python, it simply doesn’t. Python is one of the most practical and easy to learn programming language. In few lines of codes, you easily define fibonacci series in a loop.

Once you have the tools needed, you will have access Python in Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Symbian, Android and many other platforms.

As a developer, Python wouldn’t bother you with errors in lines that skipped. Python is a scripting language which runs the code once it is being executed. In many other languages, you will see the error in the beginning and don’t have chance to run rest of the code without debugging. For academicians or open source developers, this is really nice feature. However, in corporate environments exceptions and boundaries should well be defined and made sure that not crossed. The good news in Pyhton is that lines giving error doesn’t force you stop the code from running.

Another good feature about pyhton is its rich library of functions and classes. Python will help you through managing other complex applications to data mining, penetration testing or many other areas. So it helps you that you don’t need to write down all the code from the beginning.

In a brief Python is modern. Don’t forget to mention, Google is supporting and using this language in its App engines.

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