Spring MVC Project - Creating e-Commerce Site

by Ismail Sirma

Posted on 31.7.2016 23:19:54

Here is little project using Spring library to create e-commerce site. So far added functionalities are:

  • product list view

  • product detail view

  • admin panel, admin login secured via Spring Security

  • adding, updating, deleting products

  • product add to cart, cart page




In the back end written in Java using

  • Spring MVC,

  • Spring Security,

  • Hibernate

In the front end,

  • Bootstrap used for css and styles,

  • AngularJS for cart application.

Deployment environmet in Wildfly 10 server created as a gear in Openshift.

You can reach e-commerce demo site from here:



Project's source code can be found on my github page.


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