ChitChat: Simple Multiple User Chat (Client)

by Ismail Sirma

Posted on 11.7.2015 10:25:50

Client side of the multiple user chat application. Previously, we have shown you how to send all incoming messages back to clients via ChatServer example. Here is a simple chat client application:


As the picture above shows, the application has the following features:

  • Multiple clients can chat with each other simultaneously.

  • Each user have their own random color that indicates their message.

  • Hitting enter key or pushing send button will send the message right away.

  • Users recieve acknowledge messages from the server.

  • As users receive messages, scrollBar automatically goes down.

Areas that this application needs progress:

  • Need a protocol to encrypt and secure messages package to be sent.

  • Sending files, emotions and notification features are missing.

  • User Interface should include message status and time for each message.

  • and many other features…

Things to consider using Swing library:

  • Swing objects must only be accessed from only one thread (The Event Dispatch Thread)

  • Swing-Worker-Ex1


  • Forcing one thread to handle Swing components and background tasks lead application to freeze.

  • In order to handle backgorund tasks, we can use either threads or SwingWorker  subclass as a worker thread.

  • SwingWorker allows to handle long running task that are needed to be run in the background.

  • Using TextPane instead of TextArea allows you to use sytles for each line.

You can find the repository of my work in my Github page:

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